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Apart Hotel Management

Resident Properties is your comprehensive property management partner, specializing in the management, service, and marketing of both short-term and long-term residential properties. With our expertise and resources, we ensure seamless day-to-day management to cater to the property and its guests on behalf of the owner. Our mission is to maximize owner returns swiftly and efficiently.


Best Revenue returns

By implementing an effective marketing strategy, our unique approach ensures top-tier services, delivered by our expertly trained staff. This commitment to quality not only sets us apart but also maximizes the potential income for property owners

Turn Key solution

From start to finish, we handle it all – advice, property marketing, furnishing, cleaning, maintenance and guest relations. Our 7-day support, infrastructure, and skilled team offer a seamless turnkey solution for your property.

Safe and secure

We thoroughly vet all guest bookings to ensure the utmost protection for our clients’ properties and furnishings. Quality guest hosting is our priority. With meticulous inventory checks during both check-in and check-out, we ensure everything remains in order

Best Revenue returns

Say goodbye to headaches. Vetting guests, managing emails, calls, and inquiries can be a hassle. Our management solution guarantees hassle-free tenancies, placing your property in the hands of our professional team.

Setting up the Property and ensuring that it is ‘Online ready’

Management of guest interaction

Optimizing income from the Property

Oversee and manage the cleaning of the Property

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